Sharp Visions EP

by Musgrave Ritual

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released February 1, 2017

All songs by Musgrave Ritual.
Thanks to Duncan MacKinnon and Rogan Gowan-Day for creative
input on Sharp Visions
Lyrics by Keiran Brackenbury

Dylan Lodge - Guitar
Keiran Brackenbury - Guitar/Vocals
Michael Broadhead - Bass
Arden Rogalsky - Drums/Bass Synth

Recorded at North of Princess Studios 2016
Engineered by Dylan Lodge
Mixed by Matt Rogalsky & Dylan Lodge
Produced by Matt Rogalsky & Dylan Lodge
Thank You to Zane Whitfield for Studio Use

Album Design Keiran Brackenbury & Arden Rogalsky



all rights reserved


Musgrave Ritual Kingston, Ontario

Basement music with a touch of attic.

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Track Name: Sharp Visions
I have visions
While reading books I found
On the dusty shelves
In this attic room
Floorboards were welcoming in
As I sunk into them
I couldn’t find the cracks
To let the sunlight in
Let the sunlight in again

I’ll build this house here
Across the long avenue
From my headstone
And sit and sit and sit
And sit and stare
Until it’s filled in
And we’re all quite satisfied
On the dark black earth
On the dark black earth

I remember souls on mud flaps
Hallucinated spirits on the rise
While coyotes crept out of ditches

Now I’m gazing into this dirty pool
Disappointed, addicted and alone
All your strange tongues sound so pretty
To my foreign state of mind

These words sound much sharper still
These sharp visions
They come again
I'll be around
Until they come again
Track Name: Disappearing Payphones
I was once a one-eyed king
But my depth perception
Wasn’t good enough to spot,
Your intentions
So I razed every phone booth that I could

I fought the urge to throw down dirt
In this safe, clean world
My flick of the wrist
I hoped would go unnoticed

And every day,
I retreated up the steps
Once there I’d get scared
By my own tufts of hair
They looked like strangers in my eyes

Does it tell you when to be thankful?
Does it point you to where it should?
Check, reflect, and readjust
A sigh and a gasp.

Headaches falling,
Retinas rumble,
Old fools will follow,
Old rules will wallow.
Track Name: Exit
These wheels keep turning,
Even though I’m starting to run out of gas,
Everybody going somewhere
Through all the paths we cross,
Everybody’s going somewhere

These lights, these lights that guide,
Be my guide toward the exit signs
And then they blind me,
Blind me as I try to get off

I wanna leave this old-four lane behind,
But I’m not sure if I want to reach the end
All I know about this road, is I can’t see the end,
I’m going to stall. I’m shiftless.

These wheels keep on turning,
Everybody’s going somewhere,
Through all these paths we cross,
I take a good look around me
I take a good look around me

Your life is in your hands now,
It’s all up to you
Whether you like it, or not
It’s up to you
Have a nice trip.

Now I’m wandering,
I’m wandering, but I’m not lost
These lights, these lights they guide me, no more
The battery is gone, and these headlights are fading
Track Name: Mozonte
There were signs of a struggle,
But I never thought too much to ask
“During the war,” they’d say,
During the war they’d whisper
How many young died up in those hills?
A legacy no more than a mine left in the field
A hidden danger for those who wander,
Or simply looking to get lost

Watch out.

So we ride past that valley of dead
Fresh mounds blending in with the fields of gold,
Drying in the sun
We leave it behind, kept that bird alive in a cardboard box
Throw ten to the old woman out back,
Left it there in the dirt and soot and oil
Streets so filled with all we might need

I said watch out.

And so it spreads,
All through these hills
And so it spreads,
Exploding out every ending
And so it spreads,
And I said, I said watch your step
Of which there is none
I said watch your step,
Don’t take another one.